2007.06.10 || new layout
what's lamer than an unmaintained website? tweaking the layout, professing that something's coming soon, and then disappearing for two years. hah! see you in 2009, fuckers.
2007.06.09 || gynomammophallitis

as part of a continued campaign to be banned from the internet for life, i bring you |this|

the people and/or institutions represented by this ad are proponents of gateway drugs, extramarital affairs, and school shootings
2006.05.06 || dance in the steam

sound effect: *crust*. source: SRK |#38|.

2005.06.18 || communication lesson #23

do NOT start your conversations with, "...and if you weren't such a judgemental, conflict-seeking, derisive bitch..."

DO read what is likely to be one of the last robot secrets: |#37|. these are really just starting to getting lame.

2005.06.16 || not original

passersby were horrified at the amount of blood...

still removing crap. you must refuse to belive robot secrets |#34|, |#35|, and |#36|.

2005.06.13  ||  i am not dead

removed a bunch of bullshit. added |this| and |this|. see you again in two years.

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