|| special stuff ||
here's a |letter| i got awhile back from a girl i thought was going to kill me. she kept using the word special, and i was totally convinced for like 3 weeks that i was going to wake up one morning having had all my limbs cut off. it never happened.
here's the now infamous |cease-and-decist letter| that i received from the sesame street workshop demanding that i stop defacing the good name of their beloved character. what a bunch of gaywads.
|| hate mail / fan mail ||
how the fuck are you still around? i swear to god, ithought your comic died like two years ago? get a fucking job and stop wasting valuable internet space. and secrets gleaned from robots or whatever, what the fuck is that? like, you actually said it was better than little gamers? holy crap. you're freaking delusional. that's like watching some guy in a iron chef take a crap on a plate and then WHOLEFUCKINGHEARTEDLY AND WITHOUT ANY SENSE OF HUMOR CLAIM IT'S A FUCKING DELICACY. i've read little gamers; a definite 'meh' at best but you, your comics lack any sense of humor or even shock value. if i wanted crudely drawn cocks and a sense of impending suicide i'd rummage through some furry porn archive. however, your comic lacks the artistic talent that encourages them. so, in closing igive your whole frigging site a 'total crap' rating and would highly reccomend you take your ritalin and get back to your deskjob/homework, you dried up 20-something failure.
i am fascinated by your comix... they make me wonder whether you're trying to make a statement or are high...likely both.
you're the goddamndest most stupid fucking idiot moron shit-for-brains on the planet. your comic is about as funny as a fucking tree. eat shit loser, i hope you die.
this shit is motherfuckingly hillarious.
i demand you to blow me.  ps:  you must be one of the most moronic person i've ever met.
we're still pondering the pendulous appendages, but as for "shit box", we think you are rimbaud born again as cartoonist.  we shall be sniffing all boxes carefully from now on.
the website you submitted to crazy comics ring has been denied due to the reasons cited...by the ringmaster - "your site was sick and disgusting. i don't like reading a book about crap."
it's 1:40 a.m. in italy, and i am gonna have nightmares...congratulations.
oh my, how unique. i've never noticed any amputation/shit humour on the INTERNET before. you blaze that trail, pioneer!
i shared it with my parents (bohemian hippie children) and my dad, a great believer in free speech and self expression, was greatly impressed and even used it as an example in a lecture he gave at fullerton collage on self expression.  e, you're a smart, tortured little man.  and that saddens me.  kudos!
dude - what in the fuck are you doing? in poor taste totally fucking sucks monkey testicles. it could be that i'm not hip anymore...but jesus h. christ.  the shit is stupid!
funniest comic EVER. it makes me want to chop my dick off.
|| reviews ||
mike tolento : creator of emptylife publications
the unstable mastermind behind the subversive ce-5 series has offered up a critique of this travesty in the third installment of his |assblaster reviews|. you can read the full review there, as well as reviews of other underground comics.
matt roberts:  some dude

overview - Ew.

art - There really isn't much I can comment on in regards to the artwork, other than to say that I think it fits the comic perfectly. I believe five wouldn't be half as dark and disturbing if it didn't the twisted images and surrealistic landscapes and figures.  The narrator as a five-year-old manages to be look both helpless and alien.  It's difficult to decide whether you should feel sorry for him, or disgusted (I think this was the intent, but I could be wrong).  Anyway, I don't really have the knowledge or experience to be able to recommend any improvements, so I'll move on.

writing -  five evokes a reaction.  For me, this was disgust.  Collecting shit in boxes, hooks through various parts of the human anatomy, and stories which focus on parasites are just a couple examples of how five manages to do this.  Additionally, I got a distinct feeling of alienation while reading through the books.  Again, I assume this was intentional.  Believing that, I can definitely say that five manages to accomplish what it set out to do.  My only other comment is that it seemed to sometimes slip into being overly-pretentious; I'm not sure whether or not this was also intentional. 

website - Very professional looking.  I'm still trying to decide what the overall look reminds me of.  A grimy industrial factory, or really rundown used bookstore, maybe.  The way it's set up probably discourages visitors who are just browsing, since the artwork isn't immediatley available.   That's not to say it's difficult to navigate the site.  Most everything is pretty obviously marked and labelled.  But for those who are just scanning through comic listings probably will keep on moving, since there's no obvious front image to give them an idea of what to expect from five.  Then again, I doubt the site is meant to attract viewers looking for another comic containing big-eyed girls and lesbians.  

overall - five is unique.  I'm fairly certain I've never seen anything like it before.  I'm still not entirely certain what five is, or the reasoning behind it.   Still, whatever it's trying to accomplish, I'm fairly certain it's doing a good job of it.  Whether I like it or not, I can easily state that it is definitely a memorable creation.

russ williams:  some other dude

I read through five way back when it first hit Keenspace and enjoyed it, but I didn't check back much.  I think this has to do with it not having a more regular daily format.   The site is very stylish and attractive, way more so than most comic sites.   Indeed, I can't think offhand of any other comic site that looks slicker.  It feels more like a collection of completed independent comics (since that's more or less what it is) instead of an ongoing comic strip, and I think that made me get less hooked, for what that's worth.  I like to come to a comic site and see the newest stuff on the front page instead of having to go clicking further to get to it; at least if it's a site I visit regularly.  I see you've got news blurbs set up to help direct the reader to the latest stuff; that helps some.  There doesn't seem to be much screen real estate for these news blurbs; you might want to show further into the past on the home page to let an occasional reader more easily see what to catch up on.  They've already had to click past a couple "warning, mature" buttons (surely 1 would be sufficient), so I'd not make them keep clicking (to Old News) to have to find stuff.

The schtick of combined jaded cynical self-loathing and disdain for the reader sometimes wears thin.  I have no idea how "real" that is versus a put-on persona, but certainly some of it goes a long way, and I know some folks have a very negative reaction to it.  This is of course subjective; you also do the overblown arrogant intellectual schtick which I know is offputting to a lot of people, but I love it.  As for the comics themselves: a variety of styles.  I least enjoyed the recent He-Man paste-up stuff.  Like you say in the news blurbs, they're ridiculously lazy/easy... they were occasionally funny, but after seeing some of your other stuff, they didn't grab me nearly as much. Nothing wrong with doing silly spoofy romps, but the stuff that really impressed me was the comics that used your own art.

"The comics" are the great stuff.  These have the feel of cool interesting pretentious altcomics and Eurocomics, with quirky consistently creepy art (and very nifty photoshop work on some of them), especially A Spectacle (with its funky little 23 references and Chick tracts etc.), that teeter in the gray area around literary pretentiousness and disturbing weirdness (a place I enjoy).  Obviously the grotesqueness and scatological art will be offputting to many, not to mention some of the seemingly intentionally offensive language/themes, but then you knew that.